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Analogy of ‘Hawk roosting’ and ‘The falling’

Hawk roosting – About a man, Ted Hugh’s, and what I think is his perception of the society he lives in. Compares himself to a haw, and where it stands in its food chains.

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Idea of Fate in ‘Touching the void’

– The idea of them getting into some sort of a predicament while climbing.
– The idea of them being separated.
– The fatality of the ending of the situation.
– Conor has a patch

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Touching the void: Linking little detail to a big idea

For this task I have gone further back in the novel and picked a statement from one of the characters, Simon, who says “bloody terrible, thought I was falling off the whole way up”.
This statement may seem unimportant and an insignificant part to the novel but it can be drawn upon and liked to the idea of a void being touched.
When Simon says this, it is written in such a way as readers we could make it read as comical but it would of been a real feeling of fear to the character who said it.
The word void, as I have written about before, has many of meanings to the readers and many meanings displayed by the characters. In this statement, Simon expresses his fear in such a trivial way, possibly comical, almost hiding his true feelings. His void would be death in this scenario, as if he did fall from the mountain, he would of died, so close to it he could literally touch the giant metaphor throughout the book, not mentioned but understood, the void.

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Explore the title ‘Touching the void’

The title of this novel, ‘Touching the void’ is an interesting one and one that provokes thought and an understanding of the situations that occur to Joe Simpson and his climbing partner Simon, the novel takes us as readers on a journey through the trials and tribulations of the climbers leading to personal conclusions to the ‘void'(s) they encounter and overcome.

Touching the void can mean a variety of things to a number of people, the word void meaning many things and in a way a contradictory word by the fact it means the absence of something but can also mean the presence of something or someone or something creating a void between you and a goal or physicsl object.
From the book I have deduced that the void talked about is that of being so close it yet being so far, the contemplation of death and the implications of the situation encountered, we find Joe thinking about the possibility of death at his anticlimax at the top of the mountain when he says “I didn’t like the thought of where it may be taking me”. Although many would approach the title as a physical void, an obstacle maybe, we also can view it from an almost metaphorical point of view. Void can mean emptiness, and in this case could be a reference to either the life of Joe, Simon or both of them. Deep into the text we read a passage from Joe where he is analysing his, what he describes as an addiction to climbing. He explores the futileness of it, what it will bring him and why he is trying to overcome greater challenges (mountains) every time he felt unsatisfied he says “which gave me time to wonder what I was doing” this displays to us a ‘void’ in Joe’s life.

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Practice Essay “How do Shakespeare and Plath show the strength of women?”

In the two writers work, shakespeares “The taming of the shrew” and Sylvia Plaths”Daddy” and “Bee Box” we see writing about an angry frustrated woman, and in Sylvia Plaths poetry we read the work of an angry frustrated woman. Both women have reasons to be angry and they show their anger and strength in different ways throughout the texts, although Katherina is a written charact we still  see traits of a real human being through her story.

Although both Katherina and Sylvia Plath are women (even though in Shakespearean times Katheria would of been played by a male actor) we see their female strength and anger portrayed in different ways, this may be to do with the fact that one of the females voices was written by a man (Shakespeare wrote Katherias story I the Taming Of the Shrew)  which could of had a profound effect on the real feelings a women might of felt in the situations he wrote about.

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Of Mice and Men

Question Guide:

Explore the ways the writer presents relationships between characters in the text you have studied.

Write some notes about how you would answer this:


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This is Your Online Domain

 Icon for Student Blogs at Edutronic.Net

Hello and welcome to your personal online journal.

This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at the London Nautical School. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here is visible to the world, or only to your teacher.

Anything you post here in the public domain represents you and thus it’s important that you take care with that decision, but don’t be afraid to publish your work – as the feedback you may get from people at home, your peers and people from around the internet is only likely to enhance it.

Remember you can always access your class blog and all manner of resources through the main website – and by all means check out the sites of your peers to see what they’re getting up to as well.

If you have any questions for me, an excellent way to get an answer is to create a new private post on this journal. I am notified of any new posts and will reply swiftly to any queries.

Make the most of, and enjoy this new freedom in your English learning.



Mr Waugh

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Creative Writing – Film Stimulus

Isaacs’s Story.

I am Isaac. And here I was at 1am in the morning looking up at the sky not knowing what to do next. I was absolutely drenched in it, my combat trousers saturated in it and I was standing in a pool of it. I knew exactly what it was; I just didn’t want to believe it.

I had no idea what to do, looking to the sky like it was going to tell me, I rolled my eyes back down to the ground to see my best friend laying still, covered in this red substance with multiple holes in his body.

I was screaming for help, throat in absolute pain, thoughts rushing, School, mum, Charlie’s mum. What was she going to say, her only son died when we was out together, will she hate me? Blame me even?

I wasn’t in a good place, I only then thought to call an ambulance, but I couldn’t, I had given my phone to the boys who had confronted me and Charlie, they had it now. Charlie still had his phone in his pocket, holding back my tears I reached into Charlie’s red stained bomber jacket and pulled out his blackberry. Emergency call, 999 “Ambulance please” trembling I told the operator of the events, I was insulted at how calm she was. “Ok” she responded “We will dispatch a police car as well, this is a serious matter young man” I didn’t want police to come. I waited for what felt like hours for the Ambulance to get to us, I had been with Charlie the whole time, sitting next to his body in this cool pool of thick red liquid. Tears were flowing down my face, I saw the blue lights coming towards me in the distance and felt a sense of security but also closure to what has happened. I knew he was gone, I knew it.

The ambulance pulled up beside us, well me, Charlie wasn’t here anymore, his body was, but to me it wasn’t him, just a shell that represented my best friend. One first aid worker immediately attended to Charlie, I didn’t watch what was going on, I saw a lot of equipment being pulled out of the van and turned away. The second first aid worker came to me, I didn’t look at her. She knelt down besides me and asked what had happened “he didn’t give them his phone” are the only words I could bring myself to say, I didn’t want to repeat the events in my head again.

I was given a blanket, I wasn’t cold. “Would you like to travel with your friend to the hospital” I didn’t answer. Why would I? All I would be doing is blaming myself for what had happened and waiting for the bad news that I had already accepted. No I was not going to the hospital; rather I pushed off the poor excuse for a blanket, wiped away my tears, and without looking back, I walked towards home.

I was very close to home, and I stopped.

I couldn’t bear to walk through my door and tell my mum what I had just witnessed and what had happened.

I sat. I sat for a long while, going over and over what I could have done to stop what had happened. “If only he had given his phone, if only” I kept thinking, it was no use now, he was gone.

When I had finally plucked up the courage and energy to walk home, I did exactly that. Taking long fatigued strides tear drops falling with every step, I reached the foot of my driveway.

I walked to the door, knocked twice, mum opened and I fell. My legs would not carry me any longer, crying and wailing into the carpet I looked up to my mother’s sad face and she whispered ‘I know son, I know’.

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Religion And Society (1984 George Orwell)

I have been reading the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell, in relation to my theme studies this text has great relevance to what my theme is about.

The book displays differences in society and how segregation works, this relates directly to the theme ‘Religion And Society’ because we see segregation and differences in society caused often by religion.

In the book ‘1984’ we do not see any religion as such but rather rules, regulations and restrictions on the people, this can be compared to religion as in diffrenent religious groups there are certain rules and guidlines you should and are expected to live by, in the book we see that people are expected and made to love ‘The state’ this can be compared to the ‘Love of God’ that we see in most if not every religion that exists.

The book also relates to peoples thoughts and the reality of modern day society, we see in the book there is a group of higher powered people known as ‘The Party ‘ (Who could be compared to the modern day Government) these people are of higher ‘standard’ than the ‘Proles’ (Who are seen by the higher ups as the low end of society, sort of like normal civilians of today) There is also ‘Big Brother’ who is of the highest power (This person or thing can be seen as the Prime Minister or President of modern day society)

Even though the book may not of been made to show how society and religion work and how they can work together, after analysing the book it has many similarities to my theme studies topic.




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Welcome, Remi!

Welcome to your new English Journal.

This site has been created for you to allow a more modern and dynamic way for you to approach your work in English. It is set to “Private” so the only people who have the ability to read what you write here are you, me (Mr Waugh, your teacher) and Dr Ovenden (the Head of English).

Whenever you create an entry on this journal, I am notified. I am then able to comment on what you write – and thus provide you with individual feedback for your work. You can freely access this journal from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

I will also use this journal as a place to keep all the official information that is relevant to your learning this year – including feedback on your assessments and your current and predicted grades.

For detailed information on your class work and an archive of the hand-outs and resource material you get in class, you can access the Nautical 10 website anytime. Unlike this journal, the class website is public and accessible by anyone.

I hope you find this journal useful – but if it is not for you, the more traditional mechanism of using your book for all work is still available to you. The choice is yours.


Mr Waugh


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