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Welcome, Remi!

Welcome to your new English Journal.

This site has been created for you to allow a more modern and dynamic way for you to approach your work in English. It is set to “Private” so the only people who have the ability to read what you write here are you, me (Mr Waugh, your teacher) and Dr Ovenden (the Head of English).

Whenever you create an entry on this journal, I am notified. I am then able to comment on what you write – and thus provide you with individual feedback for your work. You can freely access this journal from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

I will also use this journal as a place to keep all the official information that is relevant to your learning this year – including feedback on your assessments and your current and predicted grades.

For detailed information on your class work and an archive of the hand-outs and resource material you get in class, you can access the Nautical 10 website anytime. Unlike this journal, the class website is public and accessible by anyone.

I hope you find this journal useful – but if it is not for you, the more traditional mechanism of using your book for all work is still available to you. The choice is yours.


Mr Waugh

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