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Practice Essay “How do Shakespeare and Plath show the strength of women?”

In the two writers work, shakespeares “The taming of the shrew” and Sylvia Plaths”Daddy” and “Bee Box” we see writing about an angry frustrated woman, and in Sylvia Plaths poetry we read the work of an angry frustrated woman. Both women have reasons to be angry and they show their anger and strength in different ways throughout the texts, although Katherina is a written charact we still  see traits of a real human being through her story.

Although both Katherina and Sylvia Plath are women (even though in Shakespearean times Katheria would of been played by a male actor) we see their female strength and anger portrayed in different ways, this may be to do with the fact that one of the females voices was written by a man (Shakespeare wrote Katherias story I the Taming Of the Shrew)  which could of had a profound effect on the real feelings a women might of felt in the situations he wrote about.

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