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Touching the void: Linking little detail to a big idea

For this task I have gone further back in the novel and picked a statement from one of the characters, Simon, who says “bloody terrible, thought I was falling off the whole way up”.
This statement may seem unimportant and an insignificant part to the novel but it can be drawn upon and liked to the idea of a void being touched.
When Simon says this, it is written in such a way as readers we could make it read as comical but it would of been a real feeling of fear to the character who said it.
The word void, as I have written about before, has many of meanings to the readers and many meanings displayed by the characters. In this statement, Simon expresses his fear in such a trivial way, possibly comical, almost hiding his true feelings. His void would be death in this scenario, as if he did fall from the mountain, he would of died, so close to it he could literally touch the giant metaphor throughout the book, not mentioned but understood, the void.

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  • This is a good examination of the effect of ‘black humour’ where a person makes light of a serious situation. You’ve expanded on the language of the quote as well as its content as well – I wonder if there’s a point in the story where this kind of light-heartedness ends.

    (I think the reaching of the summit is one of those key points – and you can track this in the language)


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